Southwest Wildlife Guiding


We can help you find and see some of our more elusive British wildlife in Devon and surrounding counties. It is possible to just have a general guided day to see the best wildlife around at the time or Maybe a species specific day to find species that you may really like to see.


During the day we will give you hints and tricks to help you better find and identify wildlife for youself.


Our specialty species

S = Spring, Su = Summer, A = Autumn, W = Winter. In bold means best time of year to see.

Avocet (S,A,W)

Beaver (S,Su,A,W)

Cirl Bunting (S,Su,A,W)

Cuckoo (S,Su)

Dartford Warbler (S,Su,A,W)

Dipper (S,Su,A,W)

Kingfisher (S,Su,A,W)

Nightjar (Su)

Otter (S,Su,A,W)

Pied Flycatcher (S,Su)

Redstart (S,Su)

Spotted Flycatcher (S,Su)

Red Breasted Merganser (W)

Ring Ouzel (S,Su,A)

Water Vole (S,Su,A,W)


Other great species

Stonechat (S,Su,A,W)

Tawny Owl (S,Su,A,W)

Yellowhammer (S,Su,A,W)


Although our success in viewing the listed wildlife is very good, wildlife is wild so nothing is guarranteed. This is especially true with species such as Otter and beaver that are essentially nocturnal can be very unpredictable, but also summer visitors such as Spotted/Pied Flycatchers and Redstarts after their young have fledged.


Full day (Start time to suit wildlife reqested) £240 (winter £200) for up to three people.

Half day (Start time to suit wildlife reqested) £120 for up to three people.


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