DLSR Photography for beginners


This is a one to one course for the complete novice who wants to know what all those strange dials and buttons on your camera do and to get you on the road to producing great images.

At the beginning of your tuition we can review previous examples of you photography and show with practical guidance how to improve your skills.


You will also learn through practical work how to :-

  • Use your focus system
  • Avoid blurred images
  • Correctly compose an image
  • Choose focal length and choice of lens
  • Basic use of flash
  • Basic post processing and review of images taken
  • ... and much more


The cost of this course is £90 for half a day (4 hours) of tuition.

Attendees can if they wish take the option of recap tuition of 1 hour. This will be charged at £20 per hour as long as it's taken within two weeks of their course.

To book just send me an email [email protected] or give me a call on 07811373333.