Chris Grady Photography: Blog en-us (C) Chris Grady Photography (Chris Grady Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:40:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:40:00 GMT Chris Grady Photography: Blog 90 120 Katie Squire Actress Headshots Had a really great headshot session with Katie in the studio at Combe Hill the other day. What a beautiful smile.

Katie Squire collageKatie Squire collage

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Pied Wagtail pair of pairs at Combe Hill We have been lucky enough to keep two pairs of Pied Wagtails visiting us since last summer and now judging by their behaviour over the last couple of weeks I think it won't be too long before we have two new young families too.

This is one of the male birds that keeps comes to this beautiful mossy stone throughout each day for some strange reason :)


Perfect pose

Pied Wagtail-8Pied Wagtail-8


Over the shoulder glance

Pied Wagtail-9Pied Wagtail-9


Breaking into song

Pied Wagtail-7Pied Wagtail-7

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Goldfinch at Combe Hill  



The Goldfinch is not only one of the most beautiful birds we get at Combe Hill but also the most prolific with dozens visiting every day. They just love Sunflower hearts and shun the once named 'Golfinch magnet' that is Niger seed these days. If you get up close you hear them chattering away to each other while they go about their daily business.


Goldfinch 210418 2Goldfinch at Combe Hill


Goldfinch 210418Goldfinch at Combe Hill

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A Devon beach in winter Winter Camera playtime on a Devon beach.


Winter Devon beachWinter Devon beach




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Something from the past .... 1930's ?

Perhaps not :)




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Cherished memories at both ends of the spectrum of life I do enjoy being a Photographer you know. One of the main reasons is I often get to share lots of other people's most special times when treasured memories are made. Recently I had two photography sessions quite close together that purveyed just such cherished memories at both ends of the spectrum of life.

The first of the two sessions was for a couple who were celebrating being married for sixty years. Yes, 60! I had the privilege of recording the celebration of the Diamond Wedding Anniversary of Richard and Denise with family and friends from various parts of the country and parts of the globe too. A Beautiful day......

Richard & Denise-106-2Richard & Denise-106-2

The second of the sessions was a few days later and involved a little lady whose siblings I had photographed a few months earlier, after which their lovely Mum asked if I would photograph a very special package that would be delivered soon.

Meet Mila on her 4th day of life. So perfectly Beautiful......



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Cheshire’s Favourite Wildlife – a real gem. From time to time I get asked for images to go into books or other publications and invariably am offered a copy of the finished item. And very nice they usually are too.

Well, some time ago I was approached by Tom Marshall of the Cheshire Wildlife Trust who asked if I wouldn’t mind supporting a book he was compiling with David Norman in celebration of Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s 50th anniversary. He had found some images on my website he would like to use. How could I refuse with the offer of another book?

Two days ago the postman brought me a parcel and on opening it found it to be Tom and Davids Book.

Well what a surprise, it’s a real gem, and I’m extremely pleased my Images are part of this delightful publication.

The book is of personal short stories by fifty Cheshire people sharing with us the experience of their own favourite Cheshire Flora or Fauna and each story beautifully enhanced with stunning images.

The whole book experience, not just the fascinating prose and the luxurious images, but also the layout and easily to handle size make this a real dream and everyone that enjoys wildlife in any form will love it.

Thank you Tom and David for a truly wonderful publication.



One thing I must say, I think they did get two things totally wrong about this book. The first being the price, which is only £9.95 including delivery (all profits from the sale of the book go direct to supporting Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s conservation work) and could have been nearly twice as much. The second being it’s a Limited Edition so you need to hurry if you would like a copy.

For more details, or to get your copy before they are sold out, follow the link:-


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