My name is Chris Grady and I am a professional photographer now based near Honiton in the beautiful East Devon countryside. For many years my main focus had been wildlife photography, spending all of my time chasing around after birds, animals and other flora and fauna in the UK and other countries as far afield as Australia. Many of my images have been published in various forms including national newspapers, numerous books, magazines and websites with recent customers including the BBC, The British Museum, National Geographic, Guardian, Telegraph, Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust, BBC Country File Magazine, and Digital Photo Magazine, to name just a few.
In more recent times, with the knowledge I have gained over the years I now turn my hand to other types of photo imagery including People Portraits, Headshots, Corporate Portraits, families, Pets, events, product photography, well, just about anything you could want a picture of. Take a look at my Image Galleries to get a flavour of my work.
Even though my roots are in natural light as a wildlife photographer I do very much enjoy the advantage of being able to control light and conditions for my portraiture photography in an indoor environment. And after spending the last few years beg, borrowing and steeling indoor space to shoot in, we have now built a 60 square meter Studio in the grounds at home. So come rain or shine, cold or wet I can produce great images for our customers at any time, day or night. And when the weather is fine we have two acres of grounds and one of the best countryside views in Devon.
In addition to the portrait photography I am also able to offer tuition in the form of Wildlife Photography, DSLR for Beginners and Beyond Auto for you budding David Bailey's out there.

Just one thing to add, if by chance you may need a photographer and think I may be able to help just drop me an email or give me a call.

Have fun,